the world’s best education for metal musicians
the world’s best education for metal musicians

We help metal musicians make better music with incredibly detailed education on recording, mixing, mastering & guitar technique, plus our own exclusive plugins.

Nail the mix

Learn to mix from the world’s best rock & metal producers

Get a new session every month from a world-class band, and access to the livestream where the producer mixes the song from scratch and explains exactly how they did it

Will Putney w/ Knocked Loose

Jens Bogren & Opeth

Tom Lord-Alge w/ Angels & Airwaves

Adam “Nolly” Getgood w/ Periphery

"URM isn't only the de facto compendium for modern mixing, it's also full of personality, making it the most palatable way to absorb this invaluable, otherwise inaccessible information; It feels like you're just hanging out with the best producers, engineers, and musicians in the world."

Dean Lamb (Archspire)

URM enhanced

Advanced education on recording, mixing and mastering

Incredibly detailed, dense tutorials on everything from vocal tuning to advanced mastering concepts, video calls with our instructors, and individual feedback on your mixes.

Advanced Reamping

Rock Drum Production

Next Level Mix Prep

Creating Impulse Responses

Advanced Reamping

Rock Drum Production

And over 50 more like these!

"The variety, expertise and attention to detail provided by URM Academy makes them an invaluable resource for beginners and professionals alike. As someone who started out with a 4 track recorder and a user manual in 1988, it almost feels unfair."

Ihsahn (Emperor)


Insanely detailed courses taught by the world’s best producers

How It's Done w/ Will Putney

How It's Done w/ Howard Benson

How It's Done w/ Jens Bogren

Ultimate Guitar Production

"Without Nail The Mix, I wouldn't be as good of an engineer as I am today. Being able to learn from the pros helped me become a pro, and I can't recommend this service enough"

Buster Odeholm (Vildhjarta, Humanity's Last Breath)


Guitar lessons for modern metal

Rhythm, lead and songwriting lessons from Jason Richardson, Dean Lamb (Archspire), Javier Reyes (Animals As Leaders), Wes Hauch (Alluvial), Mike Stringer (Spiritbox) and more.

Writing Chord Progressions w/ Javier Reyes

Economy Picking w/ Dean Lamb

Bending Techniques w/ Mike Stringer

Hybrid Picking w/ Aaron Marshall

Javier Reyes

Dean Lamb

And over 100 more like these!

"I’m a huge fan of URM! It’s such a rad community of people, and you get valuable insight into so many different styles of production and mixing. I think it’s important for anyone passionate about making music to always learn and grow, and URM is a great place to do exactly that!"

Kellen McGregor (Memphis May Fire)


Our exclusive plugins are included in your membership at no additional cost

Windows and Mac, works with all DAWs

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What if I can’t make it to the livestreams?
No worries! You'll have access to the recording as long as you are a member.
Does it matter what DAW I use?
Nope! All files are provided as WAVs, so they'll work with any DAW.
Do I have to enter the mix competition?
No. But, we encourage it because it’s fun and you’ll learn a lot. And you won’t win cool prizes if you don’t enter!
Can I download the videos?
At this time, we only support streaming access to our videos.
Does it matter what kind of plugins I own?
No. Aside from our tutorials on specific plugins, the techniques shown in our content can translate to any plugin. And the stock plugins that come with any DAW are more than capable of making a great mix!
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